Allen Adham – Executive producer at Blizzard Entertainment – reported at a press conference that Diablo: Immortal is not the only mobile title that the company is currently working on. Studio plans to move to smartphones and tablets all of its brands and has seconded for this task “Best Programmers”.

Not only Diablo Immortal
Blizzard is gearing up more than one mobile title.

Not only Diablo Immortal

During a Blizzard Entertainment press conference, executive producer Allen Adham reported that the controversial Diablo: Immortal is not the only mobile title that the studio is currently working on. The developer believes in the increasing importance of playing on phones and plans to transfer their IP to these platforms as well.

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When it comes to Blizzard’s mobile gaming approach, many of us over the past few years have gone from playing on desktops to spending hours on mobile devices. Many of our best programmers are working on new mobile titles related to all of our IP’s. Some of them are created with external partners, like Diablo: Immortal, but many others are developed internally. We’ll share information about them in the future. I can also say that Blizzard is now developing more new products than ever in our history, and our future is being drawn in very bright colors – argued Allen Adham.

As a matter of fact, Blizzard is hardly surprised – the mobile market is actually enormous nowadays and it’s hard not to think about some of the ways it’s being managed. It is worth it, however, that someone in advance devised a reasonable idea to present the mobile titles, so as to avoid image problems similar to those that the company has been on the occasion of mobile Diablo-perhaps not necessarily be one of The most important announcement at a party dedicated to the most hardcore’owym among hardcore fans?

We remind you that Diablo: Immortal was announced during this year’s BlizzCon, arousing enormous outrage among brand fans. This title is playing in 2019 on Android and IOS devices, but you can play before others. Click here to download Diablo Immortal APK.

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