In the network appeared information about Diablo Immortal from the studio NetEase. Chinese media learned a bit about the technical side of the game. There was also a vague statement that the mobile Diablo Immortal is not as dark as Diablo III for PC.

Although still not silent uproar around Diablo Immortal, the voices of indignation is not the only thing that can be found on the web about the mobile views of the Diablo series. The Chinese media have conducted interviews with the NetEase studio, which has recently been producing a announced production. In this way, we met a handful of details about the game that was collected by MMO Culture.

Diablo Immortal is not as dark as Diablo III
Diablo Immortal’s announcement is one of the most controversial events in Blizzard’s history.

Diablo Immortal is not as dark as Diablo III

The creators confirmed that Diablo Immortal is created on the copyright engine Messiah, developed from 2010 years. This is no more surprising – fans of the series have quickly noticed similarities with previous Chinese developer titles, also in terms of gameplay (for example, the lack of a mana system with full-fledged views of Diablo).

More interesting is the information that the game was to be less “dark” from the PC pageviews (which probably refers to Diablo III) in connection with the mobile character of production. This may refer to the level of brightness and contrast to improve visibility on the screens of smartphones and tablets, although it is strange that NetEase considered it appropriate to mention such drobnostce. Thus, it cannot be ruled out that authors tend to subdue the atmosphere of the game, which would mean removing or reducing violence and disturbing elements.

Diablo Immortal is not as dark as Diablo III
Fans have a lot to say about the mobile Diablo, but – unfortunately – not good.

Diablo Immortal APK

It sounds ridiculously, given the character of a series in which demons, references to religions, hectolitres of juices etc. are the Daily bread. However, it must be remembered that the game is emerging in China, which is known for its rigorous rules. Quite a reminder of the censorship of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege in connection with the planned release in the Asian market. It is possible that in Diablo Immortal not find skeletons, blood, and many others, which are more “inappropriate” elements, which from the Grom in full views.

Whether you get a classic Diablo, there’s no doubt that there’s still a lot of time to release. For now, NetEase focuses on refining the game itself and did not consider other important elements, such as PvP mode, guilds and the auction house. In addition, creators are not yet sure of the financial model they will use for production, as confirmed by Blizzard’s earlier statement. Server sharing between IOS and Android devices has also not been resolved.

Diablo Immortal is not dark as Diablo III?

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