Diablo Immortal – Game World

Sanctuary at your Fingertips

Unique areas and Dungeons

From a quiet town worth to the ancient library Zoltun Kulle, the lands featured in Diablo Immortal are full of familiar faces and new challenges for gamers.
Will you help Valla and her teacher in the Shassar sea, or perhaps go deeper into the tomb of Fahira – the disciple of Akarat living hundreds of years ago? Or can you take an assault on the forgotten Tower of the countess, and once and for all, lie its bloody reign? Unlimited possibilities before you, and your choice is yours.

Multiplayer action game in your pocket

Diablo Immortal - Game World

Meet other Demon slayers traversing the world of sanctuary and join the expedition deep into the dark and treacherous dungeons. Visit the players ‘ meeting places like the Western March, and shoot the market with the local merchants, and they will soon embark on an adventure once more.
Join groups to take part in worldwide dynamic events. Team up with other players to defeat the minions of Skarna and earn great rewards.

Western marches

Traverse the bustling streets of Western marches before the conquest of Malthael. The city is teeming with life, and the newcomers from all over the sanctuary fill the eye with a view of magnificent buildings, rich temples and powerful stronghold.
The Western marches are a place where you can find everything that an adventurer might need. Here you will get access to the merchants and your stash, meet other brawlers, and unwind and rest before the next dangerous escapade.