Friday’s announcement of Diablo Immortal’s mobile game has aroused fury among fans of the popular Diablo series. Unleash your discontent not only at the BlizzCon, but also on social networks and YouTube. Faced with the PR crisis, Blizzard is trying to appease the fans. 

Diablo Immortal announcing the fury of Diablo fans

This year, the BlizzCon 2018 convention will be remembered as the first edition of the event, during which the most ardent fans of Blizzard are mad on the developer stage. All this thanks to the Friday’s Diablo Immortal game, which was designed for IOS and Android mobile devices. In just a few tens of hours around the title sprouted a lot of controversies with which he tries to cope now with the publisher. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Diablo Immortal announcing the fury of Diablo fans
Diablo Immortal sparked fury among the most die-hard Diablo fans

The fatal reception of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon 2018

Diablo Immortal was presented at the end of the official Blizzard Dashboard at Convention BlizzCon 2018. The presentation was waiting for players from all over the world who traditionally paid a little money for admission and a trip to the party. Developers have built their expectations for months, making them understand that they should expect some new news about the future of the Diablo brand. Speculated about the official announcement of Diablo 4 or remastered versions of the first and second reads of the series. So it’s easy to imagine the profession that you felt gathered when the final attraction turned out to be a mobile game, which was in addition entrusted to the Chinese company NetEase. The announcement took place in a full-edged hall, but the audience was able to gather only on the Niemrawe applause.

Diablo Immortal Q&A – is a late April Fool's joke?

Humor gathered improved for a while during a session of questions on the part of the audience. One of the players asked directly whether in the case of the announcement we are dealing with premature primaaprilisowym joke. Another person was interested in whether there is a chance that Diablo Immortal also appeared on PCs. The developer’s response was unambiguous – the game will only appear for the time being on Android and IOS. The audience then began to buczeć and scream what blizzard representatives took stock a rhetorical question, “After all, you have phones?”. As easy to imagine, it did not help to cool the negative moods of fans.

Blizzard comments on the situation and trying to soothe players

In the face of the PR crisis, blizzard representatives insisted that they did not expect to receive such negative acceptance of Diablo Immortal. They knew they would meet with criticism, but not with such a large attack from the fans. Developers told that production is only one of several Diablo branded projects, which are currently being developed by various blizzard teams and partners. Diablo Immortal should therefore not be treated as a large and full-sized scene of the cycle.

The publisher has indicated that mobile devices are treated like any other platform on which they publish their titles. He emphasizes that choosing her can hit a wider group of players, especially in regions where smartphones are the dominant force in gaming. The critics of the developer underline that Blizzard was able to predict the situation at BlizzCon and prevent it by announcing without major commitments to the collected audience that it is actually working on the next Diablo. It would also be a good idea to play outside the main panel at BlizzCon. Cynics argue, however, that the presentation was directed towards not fans, but shareholders and potential investors. There is a great chance that Diablo Immortal will prove to be a major financial success, especially among players not yet interested in blizzard Productions, providing the company with a new source of steady income.

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