Diablo 4 Announced?

Here are some interesting reports on the fate of the Diablo brand at Kotaku. According to them, Blizzard is currently working on Diablo (codename: Fenris), which resembles a darker “Deuce”. In addition, it came to light that the developer was planning a second major addition to Diablo III, and the fourth part of the series originally was to resemble Dark souls.

One of the most vocal events of this month was the announcement of Diablo Immortal, which is the mobile pageviews of the popular brand. Project disclosure was a very negative reaction to fans of the series. The excitement of a little have calmed down reports that Blizzard Studio is also working on Diablo, but has encountered problems in production and for this reason is not yet ready to officially reveal this game. Now, we learned a lot more about the fourth part of the cycle, thanks to the article published on the site Kotaku.

Deleted Diablo III DLC and Hades Project

To understand the current situation, the brand must go back to Diablo III. The game sold well but had a lot of problems. Most of them were repaired by patches and warmly accepted Reaper of souls. However, bosses studies have considered that there is no point in investing more in this production and the work on the second extension has been abandoned. Some of the employees left, some moved to other teams, and the rest of the developer group began production of the fourth part, which functioned under the code name Hades.

Diablo 4 Announced
Dark Souls was the source of inspiration for the abandoned Hades project.

Hades greatly diverged from what fans of the series accustomed. Instead of isometric hack’n’slash, we had to receive an action-packed RPG-style Dark Souls series, where the camera would be placed behind the hero’s back. The changes were so great that many people in the studio doubted whether the project would be presented as a new part of the cycle. Eventually, after two years of production, the work on the game was halted, as it had no chance of achieving the quality typical of Blizzard Entertainment.

Fenris, Diablo

After the cancellation of the project, Hades returned to the third part, creating the DLC rise of the Necromancer, and then the team took over the production of the fourth installment of the cycle, which now functions under the name Fenris. The authors abandoned the slightly cartoonish stylist and put on a very dark climate, modelled on Diablo II-full of brutality and views that can even provoke disgust.

Fenris is at an early stage of production and we will wait at least 2020 years for the premiere. The current version of the game uses the traditional isometric camera, but the team wonders if this does not change. Enhanced the elements of the MMO, drawing inspiration from the Destiny series. Cities have the role of hubs, where we can meet other players and complete team to then embark on more traditional instant missions.

So the question arises why Fenris was not revealed at BlizzCon, which would alleviate the negative reaction caused by Diablo Immortal. The studio’s care is to be taken from the experience of the deleted Titan MMO. In the end, Overwatch was a smash hit, but abandoning the project many years after its announcement is something that the developer has no intention of repeating. Therefore, Diablo will be officially disclosed only if Blizzard is confident that the game will be completed and fans will not have to wait long for it.


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